Could the new iPad3 been in short demand on release?

2 Mar

Friday, 2nd March 2012

Could the new iPad3 been in short demand on release?

The question of availability of the iPad3’s 2048×1536 is currently under question. Will the display be available in the volumes that Apple typically need? This is reported as possibly one concern that may effect the the quantity on first release of the iPad3.

Currently it is reported that “Samsung is having some difficulty supplying the panels and there’s a short delay”, a source told CNET. However, currently this all comes from the speculation that Apple will be announcing the iPad3 on the 7th and that the ship date might come later.

Any display shortages could widen the delay between the announcement of the product and any actual release date. Historically Apple puts new products on sales within days or weeks of being announced. Buyers are generally put on wait lists where there is a backlog of outstanding orders and this has been the case with the release of both the iPad and iPad2.

Apple may choose to use other display suppliers to get round any shortage that Samsung may have; with rumors of both LG Display and Sharp being other suppliers.

Will you be buying an iPad3 on release?


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