Welcome to TechnologistPR

28 Feb

Hello and welcome to our new and exciting company TechnologistPR. TechnologistPR has been formed by Sean and Trevor because of their passion for technology having been reviewing technology products for companies for some time.

Sean has performed many different roles in Software Development; he’s been a developer, tester, SCRUM Master and many other things during this time. He has a deep understanding of the software process and has a great passion for all technology. He has used these skills and knowledge and performed many independent reviews for many companies using social media forums for these product reviews. These were received well and many companies were excited and happy with the marketing potential.

Trevor has spent many years in the retail business including some time in technology retail. He has spent many years working with and using software and hardware; especially software for music and graphic production. He also has a passion for web creation and reviewing technology.

Our goal is to take your product(s) and brand and promote this to new heights; specifically in the UK but because we also use social media then this promotion will expand to outside of the UK. To do this we work in parallel with out customers along side UK journalists of all media types.

We also provide other public relations services as required including allowing companies to include us as PR contact on their websites. Every company is different, have different goals, needs. We treat each company we work with as individual and so can provide the right PR and marketing for each.



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