Genesis Framework for WordPress review

31 Aug

Genesis Framework is a great framework for WordPress. Hmm, I do explain it a little better in the video ūüôā ¬†Basically this video talks about Genesis showing you what can be done with the framework and a theme (this website being the example).

Please do check it out and comment.


Reviewing the WordPress Genesis Framework and Eleven40 theme

30 Aug

For those that don’t know, Genesis is a Framework by¬†Studiopress¬†with a default theme you plug into WordPress. Its not free, you have to buy it, but unlike free themes and many premium; because its a framework you have lots of options.

With click of a button you can change your screen to have header and content, just content, header, 1 sidebar and content, header and 2 sidebars and content, etc… You get the idea, you can change your layout to a number of configuration. But it doesn’t stop there. Genesis also contains an SEO element; it allows a number of places to place widgets and all this from the GUI; no code required.

Add a little CSS to place items more precise and you soon have a very professional looking webpage. In my testing; in 1 hours I went from a drap site to a quite semi-pro looking site; check out for an example.

Also; keep your eyes peeled for up and coming review if interested.

Mac Malware alert comes out day Mountain Lion released

25 Jul

Timing is never the greatest when a new malware is reported around the time you release a new version of your OS. Especially when its for Apple Mac’s where many people buy thinking they are safe from such attacks.

We have attached a link to this story for you to view and avoid if you find this attack happen to you :

New Cyberlink product reviews by TechnologistPR

14 Jul

Recently our team have had the opportunity to work with Cyberlinks and review some of their new products.

Our team have taken a look at Cyberlinks PowerDVD 12 and PowerDirector 10 and have created some review videos to show  you current feature set and give examples of current functionality. They still have a few more products to review for you but for now here are links to our reviews of PowerDirector 10 and  PowerDVD 12.

PowerDVD 12 

PowerDirector 10 

New MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl and Tapes V4

19 Jun

19th June 2012

 MAGIX have recently released the latest version of their Rescue You Vinyl & Tapes product. This software is designed to allow you to convert your music from older tapes and vinyl formats, clean them up using the software and then save them to the media of your choice.

The process is simple and easy and does not take any technical know how to do. Simply plug in your record deck or tape recorder into the hardware provided, load software and click record.

We at TechnologistPR are currently reviewing this product so look out for future updtes. The features provided with this new version are:

  • NEW! Turbo Tape: record and restore tape recordings with ease using high speed dubbing.
  • NEW! More than 60 new presets for quick and effective sound optimization.
  • NEW! Master reverb effect: add reverb or echo effects to the entire track.
  • NEW! Media-X-change: direct file ‚ÄúSharing‚ÄĚ with other MAGIX programs. Transfer edited recordings, e.g to MAGIX MP3 deluxe, without intermediate steps.
  • IMPROVED! Automatic Cleaning wizard: now more goal-orientated and easier to use.
  • IMPROVED! Step-by-step wizards: for perfect sound cleaning and mastering.
Price & Availability:
MAGIX Rescue Your Vinyl and Tapes Version 4 is available now for SRP £59.99 inc VAT from Amazon, PC World and Currys and other stockists of high quality software.

ProDAD release Heroglyph V4 PRO titler product

19 Jun

19th June 2012

ProDAD have released the latest update of their Heroglyth product V4. This new version offers a new user interface that simplifies workflow compared with many other video titling products and all the product changes are done on the fly in real time with full resolution previews.

Heroglyth V4 PRO can be used to create Title and Trailers, Travel Routes, Slideshows, Animated Handscripts and Video Walls. Each of these is easily created using wizards provided in the product making creation of things like video titles, lower thirds and travel route animations to name just a few.

We here at TechnologistPr recently did a review of this product.

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